surf shop

surf shop

My goal here was to compile a few basic surf products that I use and had an interest in designing. There is no industry takeover plans here. I'm just a shaper/artist that wanted to incorporate products I actually use on the daily. (clothes, wetsuits, skis, etc) 

Wetsuits are in and they're legit! I only ordered a small batch and many have already been sold, a bunch more I've set aside as demos for anyone looking to maybe test a Yamomoto suit before dropping the dough on them. I get that they're expensive and I'm doing my best to make them reasonably priced. They're worth it. 

Surfboards: I focus mainly on shaping boards that work well in smaller wave conditions (most common where I play). This varies from traditional fishy shapes, some high volume shorties, to the ultra short, fat, and fast "creamsicle" shaped wakesurfboards that are a hands down favorite of mine both behind the boat and in the ocean. I'm certainly making boards outside of the normal and they're awesome. 

Each board is a one of one creation. No models or cnc machines. Each board is designed around the single biggest variable when it comes to surfboard performance, YOU. Every custom board gets design influence from the rider weight, style, ability, and wave type. All to help you have more fun out there. Whether the surf is perfect or not. It's obviously the best way to get a board you love year after year, but it does create some production scaling issues... good think i have no scaling goals for surfboards ;) I make them for people, not store racks. 

DEMOS. I have "The Boardroom" stocked with a variety of my favorite boards and love to share them. So if you're interested in testing one of my boards, or you don't believe me when I say praise the "Creamcicle" then come snag one and give it a rip. From time to time I'll be on the road or at local markets in the PNW and will have a handful of used/demo boards that you might be able to talk me out of if you fall in love with one of them. It's how I keep the demo line up fresh. 

CUSTOMS. If you're interested in a board just hit me up, I'd love to chat. Down the road i'll have some order form and deposit process to get you in a wait line. For now though I'm looking to find a few new fans of the brand out there so lets make a board. Your board, your colors, your new favorite. Prices depend on size and complexity of your vision.