Pop-Up Shop

Pop-Up Shop

I was on the boat with a couple buddies one night getting hyped on all my T&F ideas and one of them hit me with a really good point. 

"You need to figure out how to connect with dudes like us that aren't on social media."

Well, Josh. This is what i came up with... later that night. 

I was looking online where all good ideas come from these days, pinterest, and i kept seeing cool looking food trucks... i knew after about 20 minutes i needed to build one out of an old camper and it needed to hold all my surfboards. 

So i started sketching. 


Then i started shopping. 


Then i found one in California for $500. I bought it. 

"Rob, you want to drive to Cali with me for the next 22 hours?"

Of course Rob said yes, he's Rob. We all need a Rob. 


So on half a night of sleep Rob and I caffeinated ourselves down to CA and back in one day and had this gem of a find in my driveway. 

It had been 72 hours since Josh's challenge. 

Problem solved, and project started. 


many moons later


many ideas later  ( I thought it would be cool to up-cycle the old cabinets and fixtures from the original camper so I milled them up and used them as the new floor tiles. )


lots of paint later

many feet of weather sealing tape later


many many messes later  (next project in the garage)


this work of art is finally ready for the road. 

Come say hi sometime and check it out.  


Next up I need something cool to tow this thing... van build.