The 20/21 winter was a fun one for me. I tested out a pile of new shapes, new core materials, and pushed the limits on what a wooden sidewall can offer. I played around with some swallow tails that worked amazingly in new snow. Hit some target low weight skis for touring, and was able to torture test these things.

With that encouragement I threw down the dollars and time needed to get our ski press up to commercial grade specs and pressures. It will also shorten the cure times allowing me to build a ski much much faster for next season. 

I was also able to meet a handful of skiers professional competition level skills and am working with them this summer on what will be some exciting shape and rocker profiles for the 21/22 season. 

I never wanted gimmicky technology trademarks and a funny website descriptions to be the reason someone purchased these things. I'm making skis from an artist's perspective. Not a scalable high volume ski factory... my skis are all one of one creations. 

So that's where I'm at with it all at the moment (spring 2021). 

I have no aim to build a full line of skis and sell prebuilt models at scale.

My goal is to build low volume high performance powder skis that the big brands wouldn't dare. One at a time. All craft. No scale.

When the snow's dumping and you know your best deep snow days are ahead, i want to make skis that make those best days even better. 

The small scale build method allows me to design skis while prioritizing performance and feel top of mind. I get to avoid all the cost cutting requirements that are necessary when designing mass produced skis.

So the stoke lives on, but for now the ski shop is an empty page, still in dream form, yet to be materialized. Behind the scene though we're getting closer to making this dream a reality. Soon the small ski shop section will have gloves, maybe ski poles or googles some day, and few one of one skis designed and built locally for the PNW skier. 

- Aaron


PS. (Nov. 2021) Got the new press in the new shop and popped out a few future classics already. Working on getting electrical sorted to run the new ski tuning machines needed to get a purchase ready ski done. More to come this season for sure. I'll have 5 pairs of demos for those who want to feel what a "full core" ski feels like. Stay tuned! Also ski mittens are up and ready to ship!!!