We offer a 365 day warranty on all of our sunglass frames. If you discover a manufacturing defect simply email warranty@twigandfin.com and we will help you with a replacement. Please include pictures, order number, and any other relevant details. 

WHAT'S NOT COVERED: To save everyone some time and hassle please be aware that lens scratches, accidental breakage, or wear and tear from normal use is not what this policy covers. If your dog got ahold of them, they are probably screwed, but we didn't sell them as a doggy chew toy, soooo keep them away from dogs. If you had them in your pocket and went skateboarding and crushed them... on you. Maybe don't fall next time. If your child got ahold of them and in an attempt to be super cute and look like you puts them on while simultaneously stretches the arms a mile apart and then chucks them down the stairs when you tell them to take them off... again not on us. These are not kids toys. If you stepped on them because you like to store your shades on the ground... we suggest you don't do that. Dropped them on the rough asphalt and the got scratched? Gravity is not our responsibility, so again not covered. Our warrantee is not an insurance policy, it's a manufacturing defect warranty offered to inspire confidence in our build quality. So treat your sunglasses nice and they'll serve you well for years.