Wear it proud. Be you loud.

I grew up with favorites in my closet. When i was a teenager I had my first pair of "cool" jeans, a pair of quicklisver jeans i bought on my own that were worth maybe 3 times as expensive as my old jeans. I wore those thing for years, kept them clean, wore them often, always at the top of my pile. They were cool, like a treasure to me. 

I am aiming to make clothes that people treasure. One's that you are proud to wear. Ones that you and I know no one else has... because i only made one of them. 

Ill always remember that bright yellow backpack


Turns out that expressing myself, expanding my artistic vision, and communicating what and who i feel that i am on the inside has helped my mental health in ways nothing else ever has. 

All of our various unique upbringings have pros, cons, and baggage. Accepting who you are, what you are, the things you're talented at naturally; embracing those parts of life that speak to our soul seems to me to be the real path to mental salvation. 

We all have this framework of life that we build through childhood. Then we just keep on building this house of life as we grow up. Sometimes, some of us, need to spend a bit more time reinforcing the foundation before we can continue growing and building. 

Self expression is still a challenge for me. There is still fear there. I am learning to lean into it. After the fear, more often than not, there has been satisfaction, validation, and confirmation that I am doing work that matters. To me, to my family, to friends, it matters. 

Wear it proud. Be you loud. Whoever that is, do it well. Do it proudly. Find yourself, get stoked on that, hike that trail, ride that waves, and enjoy that inner peace that comes with that. Build a life YOU can be proud of. 

Life can be hard. It can be messy. It is for sure imperfect. But in that it is beautiful of it. Life can be rewarding. Life can be fulfilling. 

I'm still learning to do this well. This brand is part of that work for me. I hope you love it. 

- Aaron