imperfect on purpose

What does it mean? 

It's an ethos or life philosophy I've come to live by. It's helped me deal with the occasional garbage life throws at us from time to time. Years ago i came across a concept called Wabi Sabi. Which sent me down a world view which i hadn't explored much before. Wabi Sabi is a Japanese philosophy that reverences and recognizes beauty in 3 important truths. That is that life is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. To expect anything different is madness. To ignore this can dilute your human experience here on earth. 

Is a flower only beautiful when in bloom? Or is there also beauty as it dries up and dies? 

I have come to understand and apply this idea in 3 areas of life. They guide me. They are really the foundation of this brand. 

PEOPLE.       Humans have never before been surrounded by so much media. Much of that media is intentionally designed and curated to represent a polished up and "perfected" lifestyle. In general social media has got us comparing our broken selves to the absolute best versions of others... not a fair comparison. This can tear people down in sneaky ways. "What's wrong with me? My life isn't like that." The truth is, no one's life is. We all suffer in individual ways. Pain, of many sorts, is part of the human experience. If you really examine any thing, any sport, any human and you'll quickly find the flaws. I've learned to see those flaws not in negative way, but recognize them now as the exact things that make us different from each other. Our imperfections are things we should be proud of, they make us US. 

NATURE.       Us nature lovers are inspired by it of course. But what is it we are admiring? As I examine nature and her workings, I mean really look close, there is no perfection in sight. Yet we recognize the beauty in it. Imperfect and beautiful. Right angles, symmetry, straight lines, eternally perfect conditions, they don't exist. Every perfect pow day skiing was surrounded by days of slush and ice. Every perfect wave had thousands before and after that sucked. 

LIFE.       This "perfection" people strive for is not a natural thing at all. Imperfection is. Yet many chase some perfect version of themselves as if there is an actual perfect destination to arrive at some day... there isn't. It's not healthy or realistic to spend life in this futile sprint of failure. Being imperfect is not only ok, but it's the whole point. It's the pattern of life. There is no diversity without it. No contrast. No color. All of that is needed for life to spawn new life. So I am learning to allow that to exist inside me. To be ok with the parts that are broken, bent, or missing. Those ingredients are what make me me and you YOU. The core message of my brand is once of self acceptance, and self expression. There is a brighter future for all of us as society comes to grips with the imperfections of life that are NEEDED. 

So next time you're headed out on an adventure, enjoy whatever it is you find. Embrace the plan that falls through. Enjoy the choppy day on the lake. Have fun in the swell that never grew. Forget hunting for perfect conditions and go enjoy the days you have. If you're waiting for perfection, you'll always be waiting. 

People. Nature. Life. Imperfect on purpose.