Quality Materials

Our sunglasses start their life as a solid block of acetate. Acetate is an incredibly durable form of plastic that has tons of material memory that allow for years of use, consistent shape, and is very difficult to break. Any marbling and unique variants are built into the frame, no cheap spray painted on patterns on these shades. You're getting the real deal. Next our frames take their vintage inspired shape in a precision cnc machine. Each frame then gets treated to a little TLC and hand polished for a flawless glossy finish. The arms are made with the same high quality acetate material but contain a solid stainless steel core. This core allows you to bend and tweak the arm shape to perfectly fit your head shape for comfort and prevent slide off.  We attach the arms to the frames using again stainless steel, super durable, multi-barrel hinges. These offer strength and a quality feel when folding and unfolding your frames. Lets talk lenses. Hand cut by robots for precision, each lens is made of a near crystal quality resin based material known as CR39. This material offers excellent UVA/UVB protection yet maintains an incredible vision clarity score. This combination makes it one of the highest quality lenses on the market. To top it off all of our lenses get a polarized coating. That's right, every pair of sunglasses we sell comes with polarized lenses, no need to upgrade. Just before they get shoved in a box and shipped out to you we snag the laser and etch our stamp of approval (our logos) on each and every frame and lens. That means no dinky metal logos to come unglued, and no cheap printed on logos to get scratched off down the road. We're so confident in our build quality that each pair of shades comes with an automatic 365 day warrantee on manufacture defects. Before you email us to whine about it, the warrantee does not include scratched lenses so be nice to them. To help you do that each pair come with a T&F micro-fiber cleaning cloth bag, and a collapsible, recyclable hard case. As all of those elements combine you're left with one seriously quality driven pair of sunnies at an incredibly competitive price. Bang for buck we think we have one of the best offerings online. And they say "they don't make them like they used to"... they're right, we make them even better.