Surf Leash
Surf Leash

Surf Leash

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It's not complicated. This leash connects you to that board you love so much when the waves prove to be just a bit too much. It'll save you some swimming, and more importantly prevent injury to others in the water with a board on the loose.

There is no revolutionary technology in our leash, just a ton high performing affordable dependability. 

The chord: 7mm uv resistant clear/black polyurethane shock chord durable enough to last a long time and thin enough to reduce drag in the water. 

The cuff: made of a cozy padded, multiple overlap hook and loop strap with a 360 degree swivel to prevent tangling.

The rail saver: hook and loop board nylon strap that will prevent the chord from causing damage to the rail. It also has a 360 degree swivel to help prevent tangling. 


Sizing: We suggest getting a leash approximately 1' longer than your board but obviously personal preference reigns supreme in this sport. More leash will increase drag and tangles. Less leash may limit your movement to the nose of the board. 

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