Handpolished Extra Nikwax Waterproofing
Handpolished Extra Nikwax Waterproofing

Handpolished Extra Nikwax Waterproofing

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If you'd like the maximum waterproofing possible then I will hand work, apply, and polish your gloves with a "post-production" Nikwax waterproofing and polish. I'd suggest snagging some of this waterproofing to use over the years, but by purchasing this option I'll get the first coat on there for ya so your gloves are ready for those Christmas afternoon turns right out of the box. 

But aren't your gloves already water resistant?

YES, they are. Almost ALL water resistant leather gloves are made with a leather that has been treated and coated in its raw pre-production form. 

Using that water resistant leather, the gloves are then cut, perforated, and stitched together into the glove available to purchase. That manufacturing process leaves the stitching holes and the leather's cut end grains exposed to the elements.

To maximize the waterproofing it's a good idea to treat your leather gloves when they are new and then retreat them as needed throughout the years. The leather its self is extremely durable and easy to keep waterproof season after season. 

This extra protection is entirely optional, but i'd recommend it.